Are you wondering when's the best time to worm your horse...

Strategic Deworming & Equine Fecal Egg Counts

means BIG changes to "When" and "How" you deworm your horses!

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An update on one of three rescued Arabian horses fostered at Fresh Meadows.

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2014 FOALS...

Two foals this year at Fresh Meadows - both fillies!

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Did I just see a zebra???

If you are at "Fresh Meadows" you certianly did see a zebra.

Zena is now 1 year old and has been at Fresh Meadows since November of 2012.

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“What’s Your Diagnosis” and photos of interesting cases.

Dr. Molesworth periodically posts photos of some of her cases and asks for your “Diagnosis”.

You will also find photos of some interesting cases.

Bay Equine Service

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2195 Hunting Creek Road
Huntingtown, Maryland 20639

Phone: 410-535-9700 Fax: 410-535-2385


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