WHY? Most horse owners rotate wormers every 8 weeks. Evidence shows that this is more than needed for most horses, and contributes to developing resistance of parasites on the farm to the wormers used. Now we can worm specifically for the parasites present in your horse and on your farm, and know if resistance is present on your farm. Less drugs going into your horse and less money out of your pocket!

Our goal: The right drug, at the right time, in the right horse.

HOW? Fecal egg count exam, not just if parasites are there, but how many:

Test #1: if last used moxidentin wait 4 months
if last used ivermectin wait 2 months
if last used fenbendazole wait 2 months
if last used pyrantel wait 2 months

(YES! You may likely skip a worming!)

Worm according to results of fecal test
Test #2: To determine if wormer was effective & if resistance exists

10-14 days after worming

Twice yearly fecal tests: Results will decide a Specific Strategic Deworming Plan.

Low Shedders: 0000worm 2 times a year - Spring larvicidal treatment, Fall boticide
Medium Shedders: 0worm 3-4 times a year - Above plus non-larvicidal
High Shedders: 0000worm 6 times a year - Above plus additional lavicidal & non-larvicidal

Equine Fecal Egg Count Individual Tests - $25
10 or more tests submitted together - SAVE 10%
20 or more tests submitted together - SAVE 20%

SAMPLES: Roughly 2 fresh fecal balls in a sealed, labeled zip lock bag. Refrigerate if unable to get to the clinic within 3 hours. Call ahead so we know you are dropping off a sample.

Special Pricing on Dewormers purchased from us when on a Strategic Deworming Program!
Convenient and economical!

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