• Intermediate Care Hospitalization
  • Post Surgery Care
  • Intravenous Antibiotics and Catheter Management
  • Wound Management and Bandage Changes
  • Daily Veterinary Exams
  • Anything Owners are not Confortable Handling
  • Small Paddocks for Limited Turn-out
  • 12'x12' Stalls with Attached 12'x24' Paddock
  • 12'x 24' Stalls

Corneal Ulcer TreatmentDog Bite Attack

Bay Equine Service offers more intensive monitoring than a regular stable could provide. With a veterinarian living on the premises, and camera monitoring available, your sick or injured animal will receive daily veterinary supervision and quicker medical attention when needed. We do not provide 24 hour care or major surgery.

Fees range from $35/day and up depending on services required.

Board fees usually cost less than repeated farm call fees for rechecks.

Call Bay Equine Service to discuss the best possible care for your animal and for
your peace of mind.