Foaling Care...

Specialized care available to fit the specific need
for you and your horse

  • 12x24 Foaling stalls
  • Individual or group turnout
  • Camera monitoring
  • 24-hour foal watching can be arranged
  • Veterinarian lives on property for immediate attention
  • Walk on scale for accurate weights
  • Heated observation room
  • Owners welcome to visit and foal watch
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Foaling Stalls from Observation Room

We recommend bringing your mare in 30 days before her due date and leaving the mare and foal here at least one week after foaling.

Please note that we do not have facilities for major surgery and are not able to do C-sections. High risk mares will be evaluated on an individual basis before admission.

Foaling Fee $375 - Routine assisted foaling

Board Fees Range from $19 a day to $33 a day

Call for an estimate for the care of your mare and foal!


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